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Best of both worlds


A Powerful IoT Solutions Team

The demand for IoT solutions is growing significantly

The once-frequent discussion of whether RFID is one of the enabling technologies for the IoT or not has finally been decided, Thomas Brunner says: “There is a broad consensus about RFID technology today. Based on this consensus, there is a change in perspectives. Customers interested in digitalisation technologies no longer ask for a specific technology or a specific even of hardware. Instead, they ask for a solutions provider who possesses hardware know-how, IT know-how, and can offer custom consulting for the individual situation. This creates a new business approach that we take up with the creation of Kathrein Solutions.”

No Industry 4.0 without ideal IT integration

RFID hardware is an essential building block of Kathrein Solutions' IoT solutions concepts. Whether passive or active  technology is used is of minor importance to Kathrein. Far more important, Patrick Hartmann explains, is understanding AutoID, IoT, and Industry 4.0 as IT topics – with corresponding consequences for solutions integration: “Solutions have to be fully integrated into existing back-end systems. Solutions that perform poorly, as a result of badly matched software and hardware, lead to process delays and down-times. We can prevent this nuisance for our customers through a holistic approach to integration.” For Thomas Brunner, this point illustrates one of the strongest effects achieved by the merger: “More and more customers are asking for additional service such as training, maintenance contracts for hardware and software products, operating concepts, and more. Before, Kathrein RFID alone could not offer these services due to its hardware focus. The complete solution was formed by integration partners and their software. By integrating the Nofilis experts, we were able to create a powerful IoT solutions team to perfectly tackle the challenges of the IoT. The direct cooperation of the teams creates additional efficiency, speed, and cost benefits.”


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