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IoT in the Construction Industry

A "RFID & Wireless IoT Global" article


An interesting article appeared in the December 2019 issue of the leading trade journal "RFID & Wireless IoT Global".

A dual-chip RFID transponder in formwork elements from PERI enables flexible provision of information in the construction process and beyond. 

In close cooperation with the development departments, an RFID module was developed just in time for Bauma 2019, which will be incorporated into the new PERI product SKYMAX. The slogan for the ceiling formwork SKYMAX: “Quick and safe into the future with ease”. With regard to the digitalization of the construction industry, SKYMAX is taking ceiling formwork to a whole new level. A durable UHF/HF module from Kathrein Solutions is integrated into the formwork. This enables PERI to record module-specific data without requiring contact during production as well as at the company's locations and at construction sites worldwide. The data can be transmitted securely and reliably using technologies such as WLAN, mobile networks, and Bluetooth.

“We at Kathrein Solutions have worked with lots of excitement and joy with the PERI Team on this solution. Aside from the usual processes, which we reproduce daily with our RFID hardware and software, these innovative developments are a pleasant diversion which we would gladly and successfully take on again. Of course, working on such topics together with a market leader in his field is something very special to us.”
Onur Yildiz, Senior Sales Manager, Kathrein Solutions

A step towards the future
With the introduction of RFID in the new SKYMAX ceiling formwork system at the Bauma 2019 in Munich, PERI is strengthening their position as a company that drives IoT forward in the construction industry by anticipating new technologies. PERI and Kathrein Solutions are moving in a direction that will offer new opportunities in terms of quality control and efficiency for the industry. The collaborative development of the transponder and the integration of the transponder module into the formwork element is a first step towards UHF technology. In close cooperation, companies will transfer this technology to other products.

One module, two frequencies
The Kathrein Solutions Dual Chip Transponder Module unites an HF (NFC chip) with a UHF transponder chip, embedded on a small FR4 circuit board. The module is fixed into the PERI SKYMAX profile using a plastic carrier. Thus, the passive RFID chip can connect to the metal of the formwork profile and use it as an antenna. The dual-frequency transponder, together with the PERI SKYMAX ceiling formwork, constitutes a product which can be identified by RIFD at any location and under any condition. The HF chip also provides access to approved product-specific data at any time, even with NFC-enabled smartphones.

Data security and visibility
Parallel to the development of the transponder and the design of the read/write system in production at the main site in Weißenhorn, the data structure is defined according to international standards. Hence, PERI offers all its users location-independent access to this data.

Leadership in IoT
In addition to its own added value, PERI can offer this new function to its customers both in sales and rental business. With year-long experience in the development of process-critical RFID tags and with the in-house IoT software suite CrossTalk, Kathrein has implemented a unique solution responding to the specific requirements and high demands of customers. PERI, also a leader in the field of IoT in their respective sector, will set standards with their upcoming products.

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Article (December | en | RFID & Wireless IoT Global - 06/2019)

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