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Case Study | Tracking & Tracing


Zeppelin Rental Relies on Availability Detection


From rental equipment to project solutions. As one of the leading rental service providers and a specialist in construction logistics, Zeppelin Rental offers its customers from the construction, skilled trade, gardening/landscaping, public and event sectors tailored solutions in the areas of equipment rental, construction logistics, modular construction and construction site facilities.


The objective of Zeppelin Rental was to optimise the coming and going registration of its rental equipment which has been previously done in the paper form as well as to reduce processing time and costs. The standardisation and automation of the process will guarantee faster equipment availability and a more efficient use of other resources and spaces.


Due to electromagnetic waves, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows of an automated and non-contact identification of the rental equipment. The complete rental fleet has been equipped with an active RFID tag and the rental stores received a corresponding metraTec infrastructure. Two outdoor receivers with a read range of 150 m each and two indoor receivers with approximately 35 m range enable availability detection of the site and workshops. The RFID tags are directly connected to the Zeppelin Rental ERP system by means of a driver. This way, each rental device is automatically identified as available in real time as soon as it enters the rental store.


The investment into the Kathrein CrossTalk technology leads to a significant increase in the process efficiency in the areas of incoming and outgoing goods as well as inventory. The employees of the rental stores are released of duties not related to sales and can use the gained time for a more intensive exchange with the customers. Furthermore, due to the real-time detection of the rental equipment, the company profits from a faster equipment availability. The real-time data are also an important factor for web-based customer services, such as online rental. Further projects, in which the application of CrossTalk is evaluated, are planned.


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