12.12.2019 -

CrossTalk ITS Device Management


Filtered, Encrypted and in the Customised Event Format

CrossTalk, Kathrein’s AutoID integration software layer and device managment, is a modular and technology-independent IoT platform. It is perfectly suited for different end-customer applications, such as Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), parking or any other Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) solution. On the device level, all raw data is filtered, encrypted and encoded in the required event structure, so that system integration partners can use the data for their software or backend solutions.

The software takes care of the device management and monitoring and identification event creation based on the partners’ requirements. CrossTalk handles RAIN RFID hardware from different manufacturers, Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras or any other IoT sensors which are mandatory for the successful identification of vehicles.


  • Device integration and management
  • Customisation
  • Configuration
  • Backend/software interface
  • PoE+ interface
  • Cloud architecture


For more information about the IoT Suite CrossTalk software, please visit our homepage.

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