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Automatic Identification


Technological demands for the world’s roads are expanding with innovation, with the number of solutions constantly evolving.

Each nation, country, state or city has its own requirements to the automated identification of vehicles. Each end customer has his or her own needs as there are different types of cars, maximum speed limits and lane dimensions. There are even several applications, such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), electronic toll collection (ETC), electronic vehicle registration (EVR), parking and smart city. Ruggedized hardware for outdoor use with Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G in addition to software for device management and transponder technology are Kathrein’s core businesses. With more than 100 years of experience, Kathrein is the perfect partner for high-frequency technology. Kathrein Solutions, the IoT business unit, provides a modular, passive ultra-high-frequency (UHF) RFID reader and antenna portfolio. CrossTalk, the Kathrein AutoID software suite, takes care of the device management, event creation and integration. The company’s goal is to be the  technical backbone for its partners – which include system integrators and tolling operators – so that they do not have to worry about anything on the device level. Kathrein is focused solely on the given requirements of the end customers and partners. No change in the ecosystem of the client is necessary, because the Kathrein software and hardware portfolio
is modular and customizable to create a perfect match with the system in use.

Technology offerings
It doesn’t matter what hardware is being used or will be implemented in the future, nor if various technologies are applied such as RAIN RFID, automated number plate recognition (ANPR) or any other sensor. A mix of technologies is the perfect candidate for CrossTalk. The main aim of CrossTalk is to process and merge data that comes from several sensors. All processing tasks, crypto commands and event creation are remotely performed on the devices. Every RAIN RFID reader or ANPR camera, for example, creates hundreds of reads and images that  cannot be handled directly by traffic management solutions. Without being an expert in the AutoID sector, a customer is not able to or does not want to handle these massive quantities of RFID and optical raw data. Kathrein’s partners want to get a lean event that contains the most important information such as an RFID read. This information can then be easily integrated into the tolling, vehicle registration,  parking or any other back-end systems.

Modular approach
The case previously described is only one out of many possibilities. Some of Kathrein’s partners have their own software solution and only require high-performing RAIN RFID equipment. In other projects, RFID hardware is already implemented, but there is a lack of transparency and device management. Yet in other cases, RAIN RFID tags have already been distributed within the frame of a vehicle registration campaign organized by the government. Kathrein can provide a broad portfolio of passive UHF RFID hardware, integration software and transponder technology. The global success of Kathrein Solutions is only possible with the company’s partners. These can be system integrators, tolling operators with their own strong IT departments, electronic vehicle registration companies, traffic management software providers, construction companies and so on. Kathrein is an expert in passive UHF RFID hardware, transponders and in providing identification events in the used event format. All raw data filtering, AES 128-bit UCode DNA encryption, camera data merge is done directly on the device to keep the process as simple and as fast as possible.

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