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04.05.2015 -

Porsche Uses RFID to Track Prototype Testing, Improve Security

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The car manufacturer is tracking which components are installed in its prototype vehicles, and is monitoring the cars' locations to reduce their chances of being seen by unauthorized parties.

German high-performance car manufacturer Porsche has launched a radio frequency identification solution to better manage the development and movement of its prototypes as the new vehicles and their components are tested in the lab and on the road prior to being released to the market. The RFID system, provided by noFilis, enables the car maker to identify and confirm exactly which components are installed in its prototypes during each of numerous tests, while also tracking the locations and testing of its engines, as well as the parking and movements of the prototype cars onto and off the lot, at the company's development center. What's more, the firm is using a sensor-based system to track the newly engineered vehicles anywhere they go, in order to better manage the prototypes. "Porsche needed  innovative software solutions in order to improve production and application-management processes," says Thomas Grabscheit, an RFID specialist and senior project manager at MHP, a Porsche subsidiary that provides process and IT consulting services to the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

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Article (February 2015 | RFID Journal #12700 | en)