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ARU 8500 RAIN RFID Reader

Produkt Overview

The Kathrein antenna-integrated Reader ARU 8500 is the all-in-one device for direction detection. Based on an Ethernet communication interface and a circular switch-beam technology the reader detects the movement of goods and items.

July | 2021 | en


ARU 8500 RAIN RFID Reader

Produkt Teaser

July | 2021 | en


RAIN RFID Breaks Speed Records for Tolling Solutions with 220 km/h

The world is getting smarter and IoT is on the advance.

March | 2019 | en


The Robust ARU 2400 Antenna Reader for the Automotive, Manufacturing and Logistics Sectors

In an interview at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow, Martin Dobler, CTO at Kathrein Solutions GmbH

Source: RFID im Blick | 05.08.2019 | en


Testing RFID Transponders for the Automotive Industry

In this video, we would like to show you an application for the automotive industry. This industry relies increasingly on digitised production and delivery processes.

19.11. 2018 | en


Internet of Things by Kathrein

Internet of Things by Kathrein Frank Weber, Group VP Marketing, Kathrein Mobile World Congress 2017

Source: Ion Vacin | 26.03.2018 | en


MWC 2017: Kathrein’s Industry-Leading IoT Solutions

Statement of Thomas Brunner, Head of IoT Solutions

Live from Mobile World Congress | 2017 | en


Next Generation Gen3 | ARU 3000 Series Readers Description

06.06.2017 | en


Next Generation Gen3 | RRU 4000 Series Readers Description

06.06.2017 | en


ARU 3000 & RRU 4000 Series Readers Description

06.06.2017 | en


ARU 3000 & RRU 4000 Series Customizable Color LED Feature

06.06.2017 | en


KRAI Feature

06.06.2017 | en


Kathrein Solutions Solution Examples

This video showcases some of the solutions created using Kathrein Solutions equipment and CrossTalk software.

17.04.2017 | en


Crosstalk Overview

CrossTalk is a web based RFID management system from Kathrein. It can perform all Reader settings that ReaderStart can do. It has the ability to manage an entire network of RFID devices that can be in the same building or spread worldwide.

17.04.2017 | en


RFID License Plate in Action

See how the traffic flow can be improved through RFID Ucode technology, which allows the car to enter a parking area smoothly through the authentication of license plates.

Source: NXPAutomotive | 29.10.2015 | en


Hamburg Port Authority: RFID Technology from Kathrein Markes Traffic Light Smart

Interview with Thomas Brunner, Head of Business Unit Kathrein RFID

07.09.2015 | en


High speed tests of an RFID license plate

The test results of the RFID license plates were promising. Therefore RFID license plates are ready for real world applications.

Source: BIBA | 18.05.2014 | en


Parken Sie einfach und günstig | evopark

Kathrein RFID Systeme unterstützen die Zukunft des parkens.

Source: evopark GmbH | 28.10.2015 | de

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