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RFID Products Overview

Kathrein Solutions passive RAIN RFID Hardware includes stationary RFID and mobile RFID reader, RFID antennas with a read range from a few centimeters up to several meter and Security RFID Transponder. With those high end devices logistics, industrial automation, retail and vehicle identification applications can be solved.

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RFID Technology: Your Way to a Successful Future!

RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology has been around since the 1960s, but it has remained innovative over the years. RFID has developed continuously. Each new RFID reader and each new RFID transponder is better than all the others before. 
New areas of RFID application have been continuously developed. That's why the technology today has the potential to make your company, organisation or community faster, better and more efficient in important tasks. 

Get to know cost-efficient RFID technology from KATHREIN Solutions and find out how it can benefit you. We are one of the leading providers of AutoID solutions (automatic identification of objects and data capturing). And we offer you scalable RFID solutions for the most varying requirements. Start a successful future with our solutions. 

RFID Technology Can Support You in Many Ways

  • Identification of objects: Quickly and easily identify individual containers and their contents or general cargo stored in the warehouse  with RFID technology in the container terminal.
  • Optimisation of traffic flow: Optimise the traffic flow in your area using intelligent traffic-telematic RFID systems, including, for example, traffic-dependent light signal systems (LSA). 
  • Innovative parking solutions: Enable customers to use RFID technology in car parks to park without tickets and without having to search for a parking space. 
  • Efficient fleet management: Use RFID technology to organise fleet management that gives authorised drivers keyless access to vehicles and documents who drove which vehicle and when.
  • Optimised drug administration in hospitals: Use RFID technology to optimise and automate the administration of medication, for example.
  • Automated production: Use an RFID chip on a product in the manufacturing process to document the progress of production. This way, your automated production system recognises when a step has been completed and a new one can begin. 

These are just a few examples of how RFID systems with sender and receiver components can optimise processes. There are many more. Let's talk about what RFID technology from KATHREIN Solutions could do for you. We look forward to hearing more about what you need.

RFID Systems are Simple: Something Sends, Something Receives.
RFID technologies are sender-receiver systems for wireless data exchange using radio waves. The sender is usually an RFID transponder and the data is received by an RFID reader.

Depending on the transmission frequency, a distinction is made between RFID systems operating with LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency). LF systems have relatively low transmission rates, but the lowest susceptibility to interference. When transmitting on higher frequencies, the transmission rates increase. On the other hand, the susceptibility to interference is somewhat higher. A special application is "Near Field Communication" (NFC), an RFID technology for wireless data exchange, in which mobile devices are used. 

RFID Transponders

A distinction is made between passive and active RFID transponders. While passive transponders are supplied with energy by received radio waves, active ones have their own power supply. Passive transponders are divided into read-only, write-once read-many and read-and-write transponders. Active transponders can usually be read and written.

RFID Readers

Like RFID transponders, the readers are also available for different frequency ranges. A distinction is made between stationary and mobile devices, whereby – depending on the reader – it is possible to have very different distances between a transponder and an RFID reader. 

Integration into Higher-Level Systems

Transmitter-receiver systems based on RFID technologies can be integrated into higher-level systems. In these systems, for example, software can document and analyse the data determined and transmitted via the transponder and reader. KATHREIN Solutions offers the innovative software solution CrossTalk. 

RFID Systems Are Better Than Barcodes

For object identification, RFID technology is a good alternative to barcode systems. It makes direct contact between the sender and receiver unnecessary and speeds up the data transfer. The radio waves also penetrate numerous materials, making the data transfer by means of an RFID system highly resistant to interference. 

What Can RFID Technology from KATHREIN Solutions Do?
Always More! At KATHREIN Solutions, you can get exactly the RFID system that suits your purposes best.

As an experienced partner to our customers, we do not only provide suitable hardware and software for efficient RFID systems.