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RFID Antennas

Kathrein Solutions, leading manufacturer of RFID identification and RTLS localization systems, offers a wide range of RAIN RFID antennas.

Suitable for a variety of different read ranges by low-range (LORA), mid-range (MIRA) and wide-range (WIRA) antennas. ©KRAI (Kathrein RFID antenna interface) enables different antenna features dynamically, such as polarization switch or antenna cascading for multiple use cases. Based on this diversity, the best antenna for all kind of application can be found easily.



WRA 3070


WiRa 40°

Kathrein Solutions Wide Range Antenna 60° WRA6060

WRA 6060

Kathrein Solutions Wide Range Antenna 70° WRA7070

WRA 7070

Kathrein Solutions Mid Range Antenna MIRA

Mid Range

Kathrein Solutions Low Range Antenna LORA

Low Range

Kathrein Solutions Radiation Pattern


Radiation Pattern - Kathrein Solutions

Radiation Patterns