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RFID Reader

The new generation of RFID readers is ideal for Industrial Tracking & Tracing applications, Logistics-based material flow solutions or Smart City-based solutions, such as intelligent parking or car sharing solutions to allow customers to access these services easily and seamlessly.
You can find out which Kathrein reader is the right one for your application in the Reader Selection Guide.

Portfolio flexibility - the right connection for every application
Kathrein Solutions offers partners and their end customers a flexible RFID portfolio with the highest investment protection due to continuous, future-oriented development.
You are planning your project? - Kathrein Solutions offers the suitable RFID reader interface. Read more about our unique benefits below. 


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Kathrein RFID Reader RRU 7700

RRU 7700 Series

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Portfolio flexibility

Always the right connection and that with a great safety aspect

Kathrein Solutions offers partners and their end customers a flexible RFID portfolio with the highest investment protection due to continuous, future-oriented development. Benefit from Kathrein Solutions innovations and set trends in your industry.
You are planning your project - Kathrein Solutions offers the suitable RFID reader interface.

Kathrein Solutions Portfolio flexibility:

  • Large interface selection (Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, 4G...)
  • Lowest installation cost per RFID reading point
  • Uncomplicated RFID installation
  • Security for critical infrastructure

The Kathrein Solutions RFID difference:


Scalable - Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface ┬ęKRAI allows control of up to 32 read points with one reader to reduce the total cost of ownership


Kathrein RFID readers and antennas save costs because they are easy and scalable to use, for

  • Extension of the antenna properties through dynamic adaptation during operation
  • Easy expansion of reading points through Daisy Chain connection
  • Scalable reading points for spatial detection in shelves or point of sales applications
  • Additional function through switch beam system for easy shipment verification
  • Enhancement of usability through additional LED displays for remote passive antennas

The Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface ©KRAI offers the following improvements:

  • Applications are optimised easier and faster with dynamic antenna settings
  • Unique antenna switching enables cascades to be used for ID processes in shelves and PoS
  • Through unique ©KRAI communication, antennas and readers exchange data for easier installation and smooth operation. This data and the control signals are exchanged directly and bidirectionally via the existing antenna cable
  • With the intelligent ©KRAI controller in the reader, antennas can be easily managed and added as needed. In this way, up to 32 antennas can be detected in a shelf application, which also transmit the spatial position in addition to the reading data
  • Unique switch beam antennas separate the reading area in the gate into three individual zones and thus allow the chronological shipment verification

Security - Highest security for payment and crypto systems through built-in High Secure Memory module (HSM) for managing and executing encrypted signals


Kathrein readers meet the highest requirements for security and crypto system, for

  • Clear recording for payment systems such as smart parking and smart fueling
  • The clear assignment of authorizations for smart city applications
  • Secure encryption of data both on the air interface and on the IP network
  • Simple and powerful management of crypto keys in the Kathrein High Secure Memory Module without additional HW costs
  • Secure and fast authentication of goods and objects on side

The Kathrein RFID Reader with High Secure Memory Module offers the following improvements:

  • Secure storage of crypto keys on the reader in a separate memory bank that is protected from any unauthorized access
  • HSM is automatically deleted in case unauthorized access is attempted to ensure the durable security of the keys
  • In addition to static specifying of keys, unique keys can also be calculated without accessing the algorithm
  • Keys can be handled for groups of users but also unique keys for each user – Key Diversification
  • Access data is decrypted directly on side in order to make decisions or assign bookings.
    This eliminates the need for lengthy and encrypted access to the back-end system

Performance - Best-in-class 33 dBm UHF RF unit and the powerful, scalable CPU changes the way identification works


Kathrein readers meet the highest requirements RFID read and write performance, for

  • Detection of transponders at long distances of up to 20 m with simultaneous selective detection by specific wide range antennas
  • High speed access to transponders to get access to cars at motorways for electronic tolling collect ETC
  • Detection of numerous transponders in logistics applications, with simultaneous avoidance of false positive reads
  • Robust reading even in disturbed areas due to metal or liquids in the reading field
  • Separation of strong but interfering transponders from the desired but weak ones
  • Powerful performance with simple user guidance through free test and configuration SW Reader!Start

The Kathrein RFID Reader offers performance based on the following improvements:

  • Best in class RF unit with up to 33 dBm output power at the socket
  • Optimized self jammer cancelation design to reduce undesired reading fluctuations due to dynamic disturbances
  • Very wide adjustment range for output power with simultaneous high sensitivity at +33 dBm
  • Powerful data engine to handle up to 1.000 transponders per second

Connectivity - Most flexible range of interfaces up to PoE+, WiFi & 4G to reduce installation costs and easily adapt to existing IT networks


Kathrein readers offer the highest flexibility to connect RFID reader wired or wireless, for

  • Fast and cost-saving integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • Existing IT networks are connected directly, regardless of whether they are bound like Ethernet cables or if they are connected wireless like Bluetooth, WiFi or 4G mobile Networks
  • In the case of system expansions, readers can be integrated more easily if several equivalent IT networks can be selected

Kathrein readers offer the following connectivity advantages:

  • Reduces installation costs due to built-in wired or wireless communication modules
  • Increases the flexibility with a PoE interface to supply and connect reader with only one cable
  • Enables diverse applications through combination of RFID unit and several communication interfaces in one device
  • Reduces installation time because Ethernet-based sensors or devices can be connected without additional accessories. This second Ethernet port allows also the creation of reader clusters without complex network cabling

Robust - robust design and the high protection class IP67 enable heavy-duty applications without additional protective housing


The robust design of Kathrein readers and antennas allows universal use in an unlimited range of applications because

  • Environmental conditions are not longer a limiting factor
  • The requirements for water tightness and resistance to dust are becoming increasingly important, even indoors
  • It avoids additional costs for protective housings or other measures
  • It allows long-lasting use with very low failure rates

The robust IP67 design of the Kathrein products allows

  • The direct use of the readers and antennas in areas with high humidity
  • The direct use of the readers and antennas in outdoor areas with rain and snow
  • The direct use of the readers and antennas in industrial areas with dust and dirt

Innovative - Due to the open Kathrein Linux platform, the application programs run directly on the reader without additional costs for an external controller


Kathrein offers the space for innovative implementation and our customers the freedom for creative ideas through

  • An integrated Industrial PC for the high-performance applications
  • A robust Linux that is completely open for customer applications
  • A powerful programming environment that also supports .NET
    This makes it possible to make an initial decision on the HW or to optimise the data obtained.
  • And this all without additional costs  - integrated in IP 67 housing - easy and innovative to use.

The open Kathrein Linux platform includes

  • A powerful industrial PC with Dual Core CPU and 8 GB memory
  • An optimised Linux environment focused on the essentials
  • A flexible development environment, so that customers can easily use this innovative platform
  • A high level of support that is up to date and in constant contact with the customer