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RRU 1400 Reader Unit

52010551 ETSI | 52010552 FCC

The Kathrein RRU 1000 series is a basic RAIN RFID reader for indoor applications in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain and access control applications.Its best in class 30-dBm UHF RF unit and connectivity interface PoE+ and the basic level processing unit allow for a flexible integration into Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions. Based on the latest RFID standards, such as EPC Gen2v2/ISO 18000-63, Kathrein RRU 1000 series support all market leading transponder chip features.


European Upper Band

What is the European Upper Band and what added value does it provide?

The CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) has released a range of 915 - 921 MHz for the use of RFID systems in addition to the existing 865 - 868 MHz frequency band. The European Commission describes this frequency band as the "Upper Band". 

What are the advantages of extending the usable frequency range?

  • System transmit power ERP:
    In the Lower ETSI frequency range 866 - 868 MHz max. 2W ERP.
    In the Upper ETSI frequency range 916 - 921 MHz max. 4W ERP

  • Channel spacing
    In the Lower ETSI frequency range 866 - 868 MHz. 600 kHz
    In the Upper ETSI frequency range 916 - 921 MHz. 1,200 kHz

  • Channel bandwidth
    In the Lower ETSI frequency range 866 - 868 MHz. 200 kHz
    In the Upper ETSI frequency range 916 - 921 MHz. 400 kHz

With optimal tuning of the RFID hardware and the best possible conditions, these extensions make it possible to increase the read range by approx. 40% and to double the transmission speed between the RFID reader and the RFID transponder to be read or written.

During the development of the Kathrein RFID Reader RRU 1400, Kathrein Solutions paid great attention to the extension of the RAIN RFID frequency range and offers in the RFID Reader RRU 1400 the possibility to optionally use both frequency bands in one reader, also the ETSI Upper Band, in order to provide the greater RFID reading performance in the approved countries on the one hand and to ensure the greatest possible investment protection on the other hand!


  • Currently, the Upper Band is only fully released in the following countries:

    Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

  • In the following countries, only partial bands are allowed or a local license is required to operate the RFID system:

    Belarus, Belgium, France, northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Austria Greece, Lithuania and Sweden.

  • NOT released in the following countries:

    Germany, Netherlands
    In Germany, these frequencies are reserved for the military, for example.

Since there are frequent adjustments of the regulations in the European countries, it is recommended to check the requirements regularly.

More information and a corresponding configuration instruction can be found in this document.


Technical Data


Datasheet RRU 1400 Reader Unit
52010551 ETSI | 52010552 FCC


Reader Selection Guide
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Programming Interfaces

Mechanical Data 2D


Front View


Back View


Side View

Graphic Views

Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader RRU1400 Ansicht Front
Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader RRU1400 Ansicht back
Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader RRU1400 Ansicht side
Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader RRU1400 Ansicht

Download Manuals


Communication Protocol (KBRP)
V3.01 | Download PDF


Configuration Manual
V3.03 | Download PDF


User Guide for Kathrein RFID UHF Readers
V3.00 – V1.10 | Download PDF


IT Safety Manual
V1.00 | Download PDF



REACH Declaration of Conformity
Download PDF


RoHS Declaration of Conformity
Download PDF


EU Declaration of Conformity - European Upper Band
Download PDF


Certificate of Complaince
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