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RFID Reader

The new generation of RFID readers is ideal for Industrial Tracking & Tracing applications, Logistics-based material flow solutions or Smart City-based solutions, such as intelligent parking or car sharing solutions to allow customers to access these services easily and seamlessly.

You can find out which Kathrein reader is the right one for your application in the Reader Selection Guide.


Reader Selection Guide

Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader ARU 2400 Ansicht

ARU 2400 Series

Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader ARU 3400 Ansicht

ARU 3000 Series


RRU 1400 Series

Kathrein RFID Reader RRU 1400 Ansicht

RRU 4000 Series

Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader ARU 8500 Ansicht

ARU 8500 Series