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Real-Time Location System

The new real-time location system „RTLS“ combines high localisation accuracy in an industrial environment with unique technical features which allow a broad use of the system in different applications. It is possible to use RTLS in complex environments for different applications. Tracking and Digitising Production and Logistics Processes manufacturing progress and a transparent material flow.
The real-time data about the location and status of the objects available with the RTLS form the basis for networking the parties involved and the logistics processes in their value-added chain.

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RTLS from KATHREIN Solutions:

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Our solution to your advantage: Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) from KATHREIN Solutions GmbH provide high efficiency and easy installation. The use of RTLS is recommended in many industries. They detect the location of people, machines, containers, materials and other objects in real time. By using the RTLS, you can optimise important processes. You reduce your costs and increase security in such sectors as production and logistics.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) from KATHREIN Solutions GmbH adapt to every step of your business. They grow with you whenever your company grows. Thus, they increase the competitiveness of your company in the short, medium and long term and create the basis for an optimal positioning of your company on your market.

Increase your company's success with RTLS from KATHREIN Solutions. We would be pleased to show you, without any obligations on your part, which possibilities our real-time location systems have to offer. 

RTLS Have Numerous Advantages

  • Use Real-Time Location Systems from KATHREIN Solutions, for example, to monitor and optimise the material flow during production.
  • Use RTLS in hospitals to determine the location of mobile medical devices in real time and accelerate important procedures.
  • Use RTLS in depots and large warehouses to quickly locate containers and vehicles.
  • RTLS support mobile robots or autonomous vehicles to quickly locate materials or stored goods and thus become a basis for efficient automated processes.
  • A Real-Time Location System can also report when objects leave a predefined room. This makes them an efficient anti-theft protection tool.

These are just some of the possible applications for a real-time location system. There are numerous others that can also bring significant benefits for your company. Perhaps we should talk about them?

KATHREIN Solutions: Efficient Real-Time Localisation

We at KATHREIN Solutions GmbH offer solutions for real-time localisation such as the new real-time positioning system "K-RTLS". Among other things, it impresses with its high localisation accuracy. With "K-RTLS", you can locate objects with an accuracy of up to ten centimetres. The system can also be used excellently in a difficult and angular setting.

Keeping the Overview with our RTLS
Real-Time Location Systems from KATHREIN Solutions offer you the possibility to quickly locate all objects integrated into the system within the area covered by the RTLS. This way, you gain a wide range of data that you can process and analyse. This does not only enable many extensive control processes; it also provides you with valuable insights that you can use to optimise your processes.

RTLS from KATHREIN Solutions consist of RTLS transponders and RTLS network nodes or simply nodes (hardware) and the CrossTalk IoT Suite (software). CrossTalk is one of the most advanced software solutions for the management of AutoID and IoT devices as well as for Track & Trace visualisation (tracking of shipments and materials).
Compact and robust RTLS Transponders
The transponders of a real-time location system are mounted onto the objects to be monitored and send signals to the system, which enables the continuous localisation of the objects. The RTLS transponders from KATHREIN Solutions are both compact and robust. They are equipped with an innovative adapter mounting system.

Node Points for Easy Installation
Nodes (RTLS nodes) process the data sent by the transponders and forward it. RTLS nodes from KATHREIN Solutions are very flexible. Among other things, the power supply can be provided by means of a PoE solution, where a single cable transmits data and power. This saves cabling costs and offers more possibilities for power supply. This allows you to position the nodes more independently in the area. The RTLS nodes have an optional 2.4 GHz radio network for data transfer and can be located up to 80 metres apart.

Choose the efficient real-time location systems from KATHREIN Solutions now.

KATHREIN Solutions: Our Systems Increase Your Efficiency
We at KATHREIN Solutions GmbH from Bavaria are one of the world's leading and most innovative providers in the field of automatic identification and data acquisition and automatic identification (Auto-ID). In addition to hardware and software for Auto-ID systems, our company offers you complete solutions, including, for instance, planning, installation and maintenance of RTLS.