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CrossTalk Mobile

CrossTalk Mobile is designed to build and integrate mobile workflows into any existing AutoID scenario with autonomous on- and offline support. It can load mobile apps on the fly from the server, run and buffer locally without any network connectivity, and synchronize data automatically with the backend system. The Mobile Agent technology differs from the CT Agent because of the PDA of terminal like type of device and user interactive workflows.


Mobile scenarios are being build with the Mobile Application Framework (MAF), which uses XML (XUL) based forms, CSS layouts and JavaScript actions.

CT Mobile framework key features are:

  • Full support for Android mobile devices
  • Run on- and offline multiple mobile scenarios.
  • Load mobile apps on the fly from the server.
  • Build mobile apps based on MAF with XML(XUL) JavaScript and prebuild components.
  • Easily use device integrated sensors like RFID, Barcode, GPS as a scriptable object.
  • Realisation of smaller desktop or industrial terminal PC applications.
  • Deploy and manage mobile apps on the server.
  • Centralized user and access rights management.