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CrossTalk Overview

CrossTalk Software - Flexible Intelligence for AutoID and IoT Efficient AutoID systems for automatic object identification and data acquisition, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) systems, require excellent hardware and an at least equally excellent AutoID and IoT software. In addition to the hardware, we offer you such a software solution: the CrossTalk Software Suite.

The CrossTalk Software Suite from KATHREIN Solutions GmbH is one of the most advanced software systems for AutoID and IoT device management. The software can be adapted to new challenges in almost any way and be used in a wide variety of industries. It reduces your costs and accelerates data processing processes. Please do not hesitate to talk to us, without obligation, about how our software suite could support you in your business.

CrossTalk – applicable to numerous AutoID and IoT tasks

  • The CrossTalk Software Suite supports you, for example, with efficient just-in-time production;
  • It can process data on weak points in your machinery collected at an early stage and thus prevent expensive repairs; and
  • It can contribute to the intelligent management of goods movement.

Whenever the need arises for automatic object identification and data acquisition or for the Internet of Things, the CrossTalk Software Suite is the powerful head of your system.

The AutoID and IoT software supports all common AutoID devices of various technologies and models, as well as RTLS systems. The CrossTalk Software Suite enables you, inter alia, to process and analyze data transmitted by mobile or wired radio-frequency identification systems (RFID) from automated production and real-time location systems (RTLS) in large warehouses. 

The CrossTalk Software Suite - perfectly integrated into your processes
The CrossTalk Software Suite is scalable and runs on all common operating systems. It can interact quickly and reliably with backend systems from providers such as SAP, Oracle, IBM. Overall, the modular software architecture supports the operation of several thousand devices of various technologies and various models in a distributed network environment.

At any time, you can easily add additional features to the AutoID and IoT software using Plug & Play. Device drivers can be changed to another type or brand very quickly. This makes the CrossTalk Software Suite compatible with devices from various manufacturers. Individual services tailored to each specific task are integrated into the system using the CrossTalk Service API.

We are continuously developing CrossTalk
Requirements are changing. Technological innovations open up new possibilities. We use them for optimized and extended functions of our CrossTalk software solution. Through regular updates, CrossTalk is continuously developing, and we ensure that our platform is always one step ahead of the standard. However, when updating, we don’t only take technical innovations into account, but also user behavior and customer feedback. That's why, in 2019, for example, we decided to introduce a new and even better CrossTalk user interface and to transfer the CrossTalk mobile technology "Mobile Application Framework" to Android.

Different license packages available - the right solution for everyone
To use the CrossTalk AutoID and IoT software, you can choose from one of three license packages:

  • CrossTalk - RFID: Its focus is on RAIN RFID device integration and management.
  • CrossTalk - RTLS: This provides the building blocks needed for RTLS systems.
  • CrossTalk - EPCIS Repository: This highly scalable system stores all Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) events from various goods movement flows and provides them as a central interface for other systems.

We would be pleased to help you select the most suitable components for a CrossTalk-controlled AutoID and RTLS system that is optimally tailored to your needs.

We are a leading supplier of AutoID systems
KATHREIN Solutions GmbH is one of the leading international suppliers of AutoID systems. Our product range includes high-performance RFID readers and RFID transmitters/antennas as well as transponders. With CrossTalk, we enhance our hardware range with powerful, flexible, and scalable AutoID and IoT software. Numerous renowned customers already use it for their purposes in RFID, AutoID, and RTLS environments, making CrossTalk a widely used software in these fields. What can we do for you?