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CrossTalk Agent

CrossTalk is built on a distributed agent architecture which is very important for any IoT infrastructure. AutoID devices are usually deployed in a warehouse, production plant or shop floor environment. IT data centres are connected over routed networks with more or less stable and expensive lines.

Thus, it is important to have a dynamic real time processing and filtering instance on the device itself, or in the devices local area network. The CrossTalk Agent is designed to run on a small footprint on common (including embedded) operating systems. Multiple processes, based on templates, can be easily deployed and monitored on an agent using the DeviceManagement server application. Device drivers can simply be changed to another type or brand, to ensure best of market choice for our clients.

CT Agent key features are:

  • Plug & Play device integration, support for all common devices.
  • Build dynamic read point processes based on a big selection of prebuild service components (50+).
  • Develop custom services
  • Run multiple processes with auto recovery on failure.
  • Automated local event buffering and resync on connection problems.
  • Detect movements of passive tags, filter false reads based on noFilis patented algorythms.
  • Support for simple HTTP/HTTPS and proxy services for server communication.
  • Using different communication channels for event communication to a backend server, and for monitoring communication to the device management server.
  • Automated software update and distribution from server to agent.