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CrossTalk Solution

CrossTalk Software Suite is the most advanced software for AutoID & IoT device management. One of the key features of CrossTalk, is it’s distributed architecture based on the CrossTalk Agent software component. The system requirements you will find with the data sheet: CrossTalk DataSheet 3.4.

As with all complex systems, the perfect interplay of hardware and software is of crucial importance. CrossTalk rises to this challenge extremely effectively and simplifies implementation of a wide range of RAIN RFID customer requirements and solution requests with no additional development effort.

CrossTalk is the easiest way to create the perfect AutoID solution. It supports partners and customers from the PoC (proof of concept) through to global rollout with secure and reliable 24/7 operation of the physical AutoID layer.

The agent-based architecture of CrossTalk supports operation of several thousands of devices using different technologies in a distributed network environment. Plug-and-play setup for a wide range of devices and models made by standard AutoID manufacturers is already integrated.

The CrossTalk Agent edgeware is Java-based and therefore runs on a variety of platforms. Each agent is given its individual functionality once by a central CrossTalk server entity. The agent, which is ideally operated directly on the device, carries out its processing activities completely independently from this server entity.

The central server entity can be operated either “onpremise” or in a cloud. All that is required for this is a Java application server and standard SQL database. The device management application on the server allows complete control of the AutoID landscape with devices from different manufacturers.

The CrossTalk repository is a highly scalable data store for IoT events that is compatible with the EPC and ISO-certified EPCIS standards. Multiple database engines such as SQL DB, noSQL DB, SAP HANA, can be used for data storage to meet enterprise standards and the highest performance requirements.