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Profinet IO App V0.91.00

The Profinet IO Ápp allows the integration of a reader into a Profinet IO environment; the reader acts as an IO device. To run the App, a valid licence key is needed. Licence keys (either a full licence or a time limited demo licence) are bound to the specific reader the App is running on. For obtaining a licence key, the hardware key provided by the App is needed.

Profinet IO App gen3 | V0.91.01

RRU 4500, 4560, 4570 | ARU 3500, 8500

01.03.2021 | Download as ZIP file | 664 KB


No support for the following reader:

  • RRU 1400
  • RRU 4400
  • ARU 2400
  • ARU 3400

PROFINET User Guide | V 1.00

01.03.2021 | Download as PDF file | 385 KB

Profinet IO Product Key Activation