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ReaderStart Software

Kathrein provides free of charge a test and configuration software called “ReaderStart“ with every reader for easy-to-start application developments. All management parameters of the reader, e.g. setting the IP address, can be configured as well as all RFID-specific values in order to prepare the reader for its application. By using predefined templates such as gate application for goods or access control for vehicle/person identification, an RFID reading result can be achieved very quickly, even if an application software is not yet available. The ReaderStart Software is the all-in-one-tool for use with RAIN RFID readers from Kathrein Solutions. With the management software "App Manager" in our ReaderStart software, all apps can be managed.

Test and configuration software READERStart | V3.50

For all Kathrein RFID Reader

06.06.2024 | Download as exe. file | 4.90 MB

Test and configuration software ReaderStart | V3.07

For all Gen2 Kathrein RFID readers - built 2017 and earlier

05.05.2020 | Download as ZIP file | 3.97 MB