TagBlower app V1.03.00

The TagBlower app can read tags asynchronously and generate messages, when a tag is coming or going. The app provides a server on a configurable port, where TCP clients can connect to receive those messages. The message format can be specified by the user by setting a coming and/or going datagram. A datagram consists of normal text and keywords.

Tagblower app Gen3 | V1.03.00

RRU 4400, 4500, 4560, 4570 | ARU 3400, 3500, 3560, 3570 | ARU 2400

Stand: 12.12.2018 | Download as ZIP-File | 107 KB

Tagblower app Gen2 | V1.02.00


Stand: 27.02.2017 | Download as ZIP-File | 703 KB

TagBlower Product Key Activation

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