Bidirectional RFID Gate

Two of the major issues in passive RFID deployments can be solved by the CrossTalk Bidirectional gate services. First of all, filtering unwanted reads of tags not passed the read point. Second, detecting the movement of a tag by anntennas only, without using any additional sensors.

The long term experience showed, that in most RFID scenarios, tagged cars, pallets or other objects, moving or placed around the RFID gate will be captured by the antennas, but do not pass the gate.

On the other hand, sensors like light barriers or radar movement detectors are not reliable, due to persons passing a forklift gate for example. A typical fatal situation is an empty forklift passing a RFID equipped dock door, unloading a truck, the RFID gate reports items placed around the gate as an outbound movement.

The Bidirectional gate services will detect if a tag is static or moving, and also the direction of the movement. It can be used in many scenarios like car tracking, cage tracking, pallet and case level tracking.

The services can be used hardware independed with many combinations of RFID readers and antennas.

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