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CrossTalk AppCenter

CrossTalk AppCenter builds the framework for all CrossTalk server side features. AppCenter is a modern platform for track & trace applications. It can be used to build, deploy and run any AutoID scenario. Multiple apps with different scenarios can be "plugged" into the AppCenter.

The integrated object and event repository takes care of all data operation without touching the database, which is handled by the repository manager. Event listeners are able to process messages from various AutoID systems like passive RFID, active and passive RTLS, WIFI and GPS tags and many more.

Since CrossTalk AppCenter is a Java based application, it runs from small resource computers up to high scalable enterprise platforms. Different database server can be used for the storage engine. CrossTalk can easily used as a shared service in public or private clouds.

CrossTalk AppCenter key features are:

  • Out of the box apps for basic track & trace scenarios.
  • Industry solution modules like car tracking, RTI management and more.
  • Many ready to use views to build custom scenarios.
  • Pre-build components for layout, map and chart views.
  • Customize existings apps, or build new apps using the AppCenter API.
  • Managed object event repository with repository browser.
  • Event listener subscription system.
  • Deploy multiple scenarios into one AppCenter.
  • Flexible user and role rights management.
  • Build in rules engine allows to create custom rules without programming
  • Fully browser based UI.