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RTLS Infrastructure

The RTLS Infrastructure app is one of the default bundled apps in CrossTalk AppCenter. It is the binding link between the physical RFID/RTLS devices and the application business logic and therefore builds the base for most track & trace applications. The infrastructure configuration made by this app and all of its localisation components can be used and enhanced by custom end user applications.

RTLS Infrastructure App is able to handle any kind of AutoID event and is mapping physical raw data into logical locations. Load, calibrate and organize zones with the visual location editor.

RTLS Infrastructure key features are:

  • Build any location hierarchy using location, site, area and zone elements.
  • Visualize objects in geo based and layout based maps.
  • Visual location editor to load and calibrate maps, draw and move zones.
  • Define zone border tolerance and fencing to prevent zone swapping.
  • Handle localisation events from active/passive RFID and RTLS systems, Barcodes, GPS tags and vessel positioning providers.
  • Define fixed read points as positioning markers and gate movements.
  • Forward logical localisation results as business events to other apps or backend systems.
  • Use and enhance infrastructure configuration and localisation views by other apps.