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Reader!Start Software

Kathrein provides free of charge a configuration and installation software called “Reader!Start“ with every reader for easy-to-start application developments. All management parameters of the reader, e.g. setting the IP address, can be configured as well as all RFID-specific values in order to prepare the reader for its application. By using predefined templates such as gate application for goods or access control for vehicle/ person identification, an RFID reading result can be achieved very quickly, even if an application software is not yet available. The Reader!Start software is the all for use with RAIN RFID readers from Kathrein Solutions.


Gen3 RFID Reader Firmware

The firmware includes the current version of the Kathrein-Burgstädt Reader Protocol (KBRP) and is used for the connection of the Kathrein UHF RFID reader to a higher control level. It is possible to send system, data and diagnostic commands as well as their responses.

Gen3 Reader Linux

On the Kathrein RFID Reader RRU x5xx and ARU x5xx families, the user has a powerful Linux PC is available to the user. This embedded controller can take over all tasks of an external PC and thus saves installation costs. The installation close to the HW enables a performant calculation and sorting of the acquired RFID raw data is possible.

Attention: NOT supported for the following readers:
RRU 1400
RRU 4400
ARU 2400
ARU 3400

Programming examples for Gen3 Reader

In order to give the user an easy start in programming with Kathrein Reader, typical programming examples are summarized and documented here.

Communication protocol KBRP / API

Description of the commands used in the Kathrein Burgstädt Reader protocol and the Data structure, as a basis for the development of application SW.

Communication protocol KBRP 3.00

for all Kathrein Reader of 3. Generation

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