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Our experienced and multidisciplinary team of consultants is ready to provide you with customised consulting to advance your project with the right solutions. Backed by a large number of successful projects in a wide range of industries, we are pleased to contribute our RFID and RTLS expertise to your projects at any desired project phase.


Combining your industry knowledge and day-to-day business experience with our technical expertise and the experience from a large number of projects, we are ready to develop a concept with you that fits your digitisation strategy.

We play to our strengths in both theory and practice. Your idea is always first and foremost, initially, we are there to listen. We then discuss facts and perceptions and apply our consulting approach to refine your idea into a solution draft. That is everything (you need to know) about the theory.

Subsequently, we will define a common roadmap to transfer your idea from theory to practical application. For this purpose, we can choose from a variety of proven methodologies and approaches:

  • Software-based simulations of individual systems
  • Application-oriented transponder qualification incl. coding scheme
  • Process analysis and optimisation through workshops
  • Process-based selection of suitable products (hardware & software)
  • Application-based feasibility check (Proof of Concept, PoC) in our test centre
  • Realistic feasibility check (PoC) at your premises
  • Transponder measurement in our measurement chambers
  • Process-securing pilot operation with analysis/evaluation of live data
  • Template design for CrossTalk applications
  • CrossTalk installation and configuration consulting
  • Interface integration/management
  • Raw data analysis of the implemented application

The key to our success is the holistic view of various relevant and, at first glance, irrelevant system parameters. Tailor-made to your requirements, we will adjust our solution-focused hardware, software and services portfolio accordingly to offer you maximum quality and performance in every phase of your project.

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