Our maintenance service ensures our solutions are available throughout their entire life cycle. For this purpose, we provide an international team of professionals with comprehensive expertise and experience.

Kathrein has developed a series of modular services, so as to support customers both globally and locally. A widespread network of certified Kathrein service partners and local Kathrein units takes care of on-site service.

Technical hotline

Kathrein solutions are deployed in environments where round-the-clock system functionality is crucial – at production plants, airports and trade fairs, for example. In order to assist customers quickly and efficiently when they have questions on operating the system or in the event of problems, disruptions or failure, our technical hotline offers 8/5 or 24/7 support as required. Experienced Kathrein experts are at your service to provide the appropriate solutions and procedures as required.

On-site service

We offer an on-site service, so as to guarantee availability of our systems round the clock. In addition to surveys and system audit, Kathrein offers flexible and fast support by local service teams in the event of system failure.

Software service

Kathrein solutions operate in an innovative and fast-changing environment. In order to do justice to this, regular software upgrades and updates are provided, so as to keep existing solutions up to speed. As well as providing the software, we will be more than happy to implement it on request, too.

Hardware service

Local spare parts supply and repair of defective components – our hardware service ensures your system runs 24/7/365.

Spare parts management

In collaboration with our service partners, we take care of rapid procurement and provision of all the necessary spare parts. We plan the appropriate storage concept depending on geography and requirements - including operation.

Repair service

We offer our hardware repair service either as a Repair and Return Service or a Swap Service. The Repair and Return Service involves us repairing defective parts and then returning them to the customer. With the Swap Service we supply a spare part before the customer has sent in the defective part to our repair centre.

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