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RFID Proof of Concept

The path to a successful RFID project leads exclusively via a feasibility study (Proof of Concept, PoC for short)

A PoC is crucial for the success of a RFID project. RFID has long been an established and functioning technology, but it cannot be used or installed "out of the box". It is necessary to determine the best possible RFID hardware setup from standard components for the respective project case and to set the most optimal parameterization/configuration of these components.  

Which RFID transponder type meets the project requirements? Both the installation position of the RFID transponder on the marked object and the hardware setup of the RFID reading point (consisting of RFID antenna and RFID reader as well as their fine parameterization) are determined by means of PoC test series. 
Only after the RFID proof of concept has been completed can a reliable project offer be calculated and prepared.
If desired, Kathrein Solutions accompanies its partners in every phase of the project and is happy to serve its partners in the interest of high project quality. The following process describes a possible or recommended PoC process:

Fig.: Generic project model (proof of concept)

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