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KATRAC – 6 characters that stand for KATHREIN Training Academy.

We have made it our objective to combine our RFID and RTLS know-how with the in-house Kathrein product and solution portfolio to expand your expertise. We are firmly convinced that this edge in knowledge will give you a head start in time, costs and quality when implementing your own or our joint projects. Yes, we are experts in our field, and we enjoy training you to be an expert too.

Our modules are so flexibly designed that we can offer new, innovative ways of accumulating knowledge from an absolute beginner to a seasoned veteran. Beyond the standard modules, we are ready to plan individual training, tailored to your needs, and implement it together with you.

In addition, we offer you various options for conducting the training itself. Simply select your preferred training option:

  • at your location
  • at our premises in Stephanskirchen (test centre included)
  • online via video conference.

The chart below provides an overview of our modular components. Depending on your orientation (focused on sales or technology), we have the most suitable agenda for you.


RFID BASIC training dates:

  • Q1/2023 – 21. + 22. February 2023 - English
  • Q2/2023 – 23. + 24. May 2023 - German
  • Q3/2023 – 22. + 23. August 2023 - English
  • Q4/2023 – 14. + 15. November 2023 - German

Course Content Day 1:

  • RFID Basics (overview & history, frequencies, powers, radiation exposure, near/far field)
  • Readers & Antennas (overview, features, commissioning & specifics)
  • Transponders (anatomy, types, memory, commands, modes & sessions)
  • Practical exercises with ReaderStart (configuration, default settings, reading exercises)

Course Content Day 2:

  • CrossTalk Overview (usage, architecture, licenses & updates)
  • CrossTalk Basics (Installation & Configuration)
  • Practical exercises with CrossTalk (device management, templates, error analysis)

The BASIC module is best suited for beginners & novices to dive into the world of UHF RFID. After the course you will be able to configure and commission a simple identification reading station on your own.

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