30.01.2020 -

RFID Industry Predicts Growth

A "RFID Journal LIVE" article


An interesting article of the "RFID Journal LIVE" about the RFID trends in the technology of the past year and the coming 12 months.

Contractors are highlighting their RFID-enabled processes as a differentiator within their bid packages for their customers, according to Ball. He considers it encouraging to see thought leaders in the construction sector driving technology adoption as a best practice in an industry that has historically lagged behind in technology. In the meantime, says Thomas Brunner, the managing director of German electronics manufacturer Kathrein, his firm has seen growth in the industry and manufacturing space, as well as in vehicle identification and tolling.

For Kathrein, Brunner says, 2019 brought a trend toward "easier level of integration, based on intelligent readers, including localization and directional detection features." Increasingly, he says, NFC functionality is being built into UHF RFID solutions, with multiple chips in a tag, generating new business  opportunities. Brunner cites acquisitions and consolidations in the tag industry, which he says indicate "pressure on margin in tag business," with companies striving to provide affordable tags in very large volumes. He predicts that RFID technology will experience a steady growth in 2020 of approximately 15 to 20 percent, and that new verticals like unmanned retail and food retail will gain traction.

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Article (December 2019 | en | RFID Journal LIVE #19116)

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