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Automatic Vehicle Identification

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Automatic Vehicle Identification: The reliable identification of vehicles is crucial in many situations:

  • Tolling systems
  • Billing in car parks
  • Access control to restricted areas
  • Fleet management
  • Anti-theft protection

In all these cases, systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification are very effective. They save costs and time and ensure accurate and convenient vehicle identification. In addition, such a system can simplify the identification of stolen vehicles as an anti-theft protection tool.

KATHREIN Solutions plans, realises and maintains systems for exact automatic vehicle identification for the customers. With systems from KATHREIN Solutions, every vehicle is reliably identified. Our team from Stephankirchen works with innovative RFID technology. Benefit from the know-how of our specialists. We are one of the leading international providers in the field of AutoID (automatic identification and data acquisition).

Top Quality for High Demands
The requirements for an automatic vehicle identification system are often quite high. If they are used, for example, for toll payments, they must be able to accurately identify vehicles even at high speed. For the outdoor use, the hardware installed also has to function without any limitations, even when it is dirty and is exposed to rain and snow.

KATHREIN Solutions offers, for example, hardware components with the high IP67 protection class. "IP" stands for "International Protection". The first number (here: 6) describes the degree of protection from foreign objects and accidental contact, the second number (here: 7) the protection from moisture. Hardware components with IP67 protection are dust-proof and completely protected against any accidental contact. They also offer very high level of protection against moisture which remains effective even if the electronic part is temporarily submerged into water.

Precise Identification with RFID Technology
KATHREIN Solutions usually uses highly-efficient RFID technology which is based on radio waves for its automatic vehicle identification systems. RFID stands for "radio-frequency identification", a transmitter-receiver system for automated and contactless identification and localisation of living beings and objects. The system is available in different types, each operating in its own frequency range. Depending on the type, it is suitable for the short range or for longer distances.

Automatic Vehicle Identification: Case Studies
For example, KATHREIN Solutions implements systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification for automatic access control to company premises. In one case, the windscreens of employee vehicles were equipped with a special UHF RFID technology. "UHF" stands for ultra-high frequency. It ensures high transmission rates and a relatively long range of data transmission. When an employee drives towards the site gate, the reader with the IP67 protection class reads the data from the vehicle's transponder and compares it with a list of persons with access authorisation. If the access authorisation is granted, the gate opens automatically.

For a railway company, KATHREIN Solutions has installed a solution for a special automatic vehicle identification on the rail system. The railway operator measures various parameters at so-called safety checkpoints on the tracks to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents. For example, wheel loads and the occurrence of fire or leaking chemicals are measured.

The customer has asked for a system that would allow the exact identification of the vehicles passing the checkpoint. Such an identification of the railcars is especially important for freight and international trains and has not always been possible without a new system. For a conclusive analysis, it has also been necessary to register the axes passing the checkpoint in regard to time, speed and direction.

KATHREIN has used RFID technology in combination with the KATHREIN AutoID software CrossTalk and an external wheel recognition system. This solution provided higher precision in assigning measured values to the axles of a train. This way, it has not only been possible to precisely locate potential problems, such as overheated or overloaded axles. The system has also enabled the railway operator to carry out predictive maintenance. This allowed for early detection of problems before they could lead to major damage and delays.

KATHREIN Solutions – What Can We Do For You?
We at KATHREIN Solutions offer our customers complete packages for efficient automatic vehicle identification. Our services include the design and installation of such systems as well as the supply of all necessary components (hardware and software). In addition, we also take care of maintenance, if required.

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