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Electronic Vehicle Registration

No Vehicle Goes Undetected!

"Automatic Vehicle Identification" (AVI) and "Electronic Vehicle Registration" (EVR) are efficient tools for local authorities and other organisations to solve core tasks related to mobility and traffic flow more efficiently than before. They are important components for the transport infrastructure of the future. 

"Automatic Vehicle Identification" (AVI) stands for the automatic identification of vehicles by means of electronic systems. Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) means the same thing and even a little more: Electronic Vehicle Registration identifies vehicles and compares data with other systems and databases. For example: 

  • Implement efficient tolling systems,
  • Check vehicle registrations without time-consuming checks carried out by personnel,
  • Check permissions, for example, for driving in low emission zones,
  • Identify vehicles after traffic violations,
  • Identify stolen vehicles and solve thefts. 

We at KATHREIN Solutions plan, install and maintain efficient Electronic Vehicle Registration systems for our customers. Use the know-how and products from KATHREIN Solutions for efficient, accurate and robust systems for Electronic Vehicle Registration.

KATHREIN Solutions is one of the leading international suppliers of AutoID systems (automatic identification and data acquisition). Our customers expect the best solutions for their challenges. And this is exactly what they get from us. 

Outstanding Electronic Vehicle Registration Systems Based on RFID Technology
KATHREIN Solutions generally uses RFID technology for electronic vehicle registration. "RFID" stands for "radio-frequency identification". RFID systems consist of transmitters (transponders) and receivers (readers) for wireless and contactless data transfer. The systems can operate in different frequency ranges, which, among other things, affect the possible range of the data transfer. 

Electronic Vehicle Registration systems are often installed outdoors and are exposed to wind and weather. The hardware must, therefore, be robust and provide reliable vehicle identification even under harsh conditions and at high speed. RFID hardware from KATHREIN Solutions meets all these requirements. 

KATHREIN Solutions and a technology partner have tested the functionality of the hardware for Electronic Vehicle Registration systems for vehicles moving at high speed on a race track. For this purpose, they equipped the test cars with transponders at the front, back and on the windscreen. Authorised readers recorded the data from these transponders. The data transfer was secured in such a way that no unauthorised persons could access the data. The tests showed that such an Electronic Vehicle Registration system works reliably even at a maximum vehicle speed of over 200 km/h.
The Best Solution for Every Challenge
Every situation involving an Electronic Vehicle Registration system is different from any other system previously used. And each solution requires planning by experienced professionals. KATHREIN Solutions employs well-coordinated teams of experts for this task. When planning Electronic Vehicle Registration systems, they consider all the surrounding factors, select suitable transmitters and receivers, determine optimal locations and install the hardware. 

The transponders (transmitters) can, for example, be attached to the windshield or the license plate of the vehicle. Suitable locations for the readers and antennas include overpasses, masts or bridges. Sometimes handheld readers are used as well. 

CrossTalk is the Control Center of Many Electronic Vehicle Registration Systems
The KATHREIN AutoID software suite CrossTalk serves as the control centre of many electronic vehicle registration (EVR) systems installed by KATHREIN Solutions. CrossTalk is modular and adaptable and can be optimally adapted to the needs of customers. The software stores, processes and distributes data. As a customer, you can choose one of the three licence packages and choose exactly the solution that fits your requirements best. 

KATHREIN Solutions – Your partner for efficient Electronic Vehicle Registration systems
Leave the planning and installation of your Electronic Vehicle Registration system to experts who have been designing and implementing such systems for many years. We work with excellent state-of-the-art RFID technology. Our services include the planning and installation of Electronic Vehicle Registration systems, maintenance and other assistance.

Electronic Vehicle Registration Systems from KATHREIN Solutions are also used in Egypt
Our services also have an excellent international reputation. In Egypt, for example, we have installed an efficient system for contactless electronic vehicle registration. More than twenty million cars are on the roads in Egypt. Some are already very old, some are not registered. With the Electronic Vehicle Registration system from KATHREIN Solutions, the identification of drivers is considerably simplified. 

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