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Transforming Healthcare with RFID and RTLS Solutions


Similar to almost all other application areas, Track & Tracing is and will be important for the healthcare market.

A major difference, however, is the impact. Wrong product in the wrong place at the wrong time – in logistics, it means additional costs. In healthcare, it means somebody can lose their life.

The number of patients in hospitals who suffer from adverse drugs events (ADE) is unbelievably high. Half of these ADEs can be avoided by improving the medication process. RFID is one of the innovative technologies which improve and automate the process of prescribing, dispensing, transporting and administering medication to patients. IoT in healthcare enables hospitals, pharmacies etc. to improve processes and safety, thus saving lives.

Drawing on our extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, and strong partnerships with specialized providers, we deliver customized solutions that precisely cater to the unique demands of the healthcare sector.

RFID and RTLS Solutions suitable for the healthcare sector:


Textile management

Supplying employees with workwear is a personnel and logistical challenge. Process-oriented vending machine solutions based on RFID technology are ideally suited for laundry management.

Customized Healthcare Applications with Kathrein Solutions:


Tracking & Tracing of medical devices

RFID and RTLS technologies enable the quick localization of medical devices, diagnostic equipment, wheel chairs and beds. The knowledge of the location of these assets avoids time-consuming and personnel intensive searches for assets. At the same time, information about the condition of diagnostic equipment is important in order to comply with hygiene regulations and ensure high availability.


Inventory management

RFID- or RTLS-based cabinets can revolutionize inventory management by enabling accurate and automatic tracking of medical devices, instruments, medications and other healthcare resources. This enables more efficient inventory management and reduces the risk of out-of-stocks or theft. These cabinets automatically track the inventory of medical supplies stored in them and alert staff when supplies are running low.

They also enable effective asset management by accurately tracking equipment locations, usage times and maintenance needs. In this way, maintenance cycles can be optimized, losses reduced and equipment life extended.


Improved workflow analysis

RFID and RTLS data provide detailed information about the movement of healthcare personnel, patients and resources. By analyzing this data, inefficient workflows and bottlenecks can be identified. Based on these insights, workflow improvements can be made to increase the efficiency and quality of patient care.


Patient records management

RFID and RTLS technologies can be used to digitally track and manage patient records and files. This ensures immediate access to vital patient information, reduces the risk of misplacement, and enhances the efficiency of record retrieval processes.


Patient safety

By using RFID and RTLS technologies, patients can be located in real time. This is particularly useful in emergencies or for patients with limited mobility. In addition, these technologies can help prevent mix-ups during medication administration or patient identification. The identification of the patients takes place via a RFID wristband.


Baby safety tracking

RFID and RTLS can be used to safeguard newborns in a hospital. By tracking babies, these technologies prevent mix-ups, ensure the safety of the newborns, and provide peace of mind to parents and hospital staff.


Avoiding medication administration errors

Medications and their administration can be precisely tracked and monitored by using RFID. This reduces the risk of medication errors, such as medication mix-ups or dosing errors and therefore increases patient safety.


Access control / Reducing theft

Authorization classes can be easily managed with RFID. This prevents the illegal removal of medications by unauthenticated people. In addition, sensitive areas in the hospital may only be entered by authorized personnel.


Logistics processes

RFID and RTLS can optimize healthcare logistics processes. This includes supply chain management (SCM) to ensure smooth flow of medical supplies, preventing counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals through authentication, efficient management of pharmaceutical and hospital warehouses, and maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive items in the cold chain.


Optimizing operational costs / Improving financial decisions

RFID and RTLS systems enable more efficient use of healthcare resources. By accurately tracking equipment, instruments and other resources, idle time can be minimized and optimal utilization achieved. This helps reduce operating costs and leads to more efficient use of resources.

The technology can also be used for a comprehensive data system that supports both clinical and financial decision-making. It provides detailed performance reviews, goal tracking, and access to previously unavailable information. This leads to increased patient safety, improved patient outcomes, and more effective disease management strategies.


Automated documentation

RFID and RTLS technologies enable automatic recording and documentation of healthcare activities. This lowers the manual effort required for data entry and increases the accuracy of documentation. It also improves process traceability and facilitates regulatory compliance.


Compliance with regulatory requirements / Quality Assurance

In healthcare, there are various regulatory requirements related to tracking and documenting medical devices, instruments, and medications. RFID and RTLS technologies can help meet these requirements and ensure complete traceability and documentation. Therefore quality controls and audits can be performed more efficiently. Accurate tracking of resources and processes enables better monitoring of quality assurance and faster identification of deviations or problems. As a result, quality improvement measures can be taken in a timely manner.


Lab management and lab specimen tracking

Our technologies can streamline lab operations by tracking lab specimens from collection to testing. This reduces the risk of specimen mix-ups, enhances the accuracy of lab results, and improves overall lab efficiency.


Laundry management

Supplying employees with workwear is a personnel and logistical challenge. Process-oriented vending machine solutions based on RFID technology are ideally suited for textile management. This ensures the availability of fresh textiles around the clock.


Blood bag management

RFID and RTLS technologies are used to manage blood bags with high precision. Blood bags are stored correctly, tracked throughout their lifecycle, and used before their expiration date. This not only reduces waste due to expired blood bags but also guarantees the availability of safe blood for transfusions. By providing real-time information about each blood bag's status, these technologies can significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of blood transfusion services.

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Why choose Kathrein Solutions and our Partners for RFID and RTLS implementation in healthcare?

  • Many years of experience: As a renowned provider of RFID and RTLS solutions, both Kathrein Solutions and our trusted partners have extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare sector. You can rely on our proven track record in delivering successful implementations.

  • Customized solutions: We understand that every medical facility has unique requirements and challenges. That's why we offer individualized solutions specifically tailored to address the specific needs of your organization. Our aim is to provide you with the most effective and efficient solution for your healthcare environment.

  • Integration and scalability: Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and infrastructures. We ensure a smooth integration process, enabling you to leverage the benefits of RFID and RTLS technology without disruption. They can also be easily scaled as needed to meet the changing needs and growth of your facility.

  • Reliable technology: Our RFID and RTLS systems are based on reliable and accurate technology that enables accurate, real-time sensing and monitoring.

  • Security and privacy: we place the highest value on the security of your data. Our solutions are equipped with robust security mechanisms to ensure sensitive information is protected.

  • Support and training: We are committed to your success. Together with our partners, we provide comprehensive support and training to assist you throughout the implementation process. We offer guidance, customization options, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions.

  • Made in Germany: Our products are designed in Germany. The key products are manfucatored in Germany.

Rely on Kathrein Solutions' RFID and RTLS solutions to improve efficiency, security and patient care in your medical environment. Contact us today to learn more about our customized solutions and how we can help you overcome healthcare challenges. Together, we're creating a better future for healthcare.

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"By working with Kathrein Solutions and integrating their SmartShelf antennas and RRU4500 RFID readers, we have been able to develop intelligent workwear dispensing cabinets that provide permanent inventory in real time. This has simplified the supply of workwear and improved cost-effectiveness significantly. Our collaboration is a prime example of innovation and added value”
- Ness Falk, Kemas, Kathrein Solutions Partner.

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