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Similar to almost all other application areas, Track & Tracing is and will be important for the healthcare market.

A major difference, however, is the impact. Wrong product in the wrong place at the wrong time – in logistics, it means additional costs. In healthcare, it means somebody can lose their life. The number of patients in hospitals who suffer from adverse drugs events (ADE) is unbelievably high. Half of these ADEs can be avoided by improving the medication process. RFID is one of the innovative technologies which improve and automate the process of prescribing, dispensing, transporting and administering medication to patients. IoT in healthcare enables hospitals, pharmacies etc. to improve processes and safety, thus saving lives.

Kathrein Solutions supports a lot of IoT scenarios for the healthcare industry, such as:

  • Tracking & Tracing of patient records/files
  • Asset Tracking: patients, employees, beds, wheel chairs, equipment etc. based on passive and active RFID or Wi-Fi technologies
  • Medication processes, e.g. at Intensive Care Units
  • Lab Management
  • Lab Specimen Tracking
  • Logistics processes:
    • EPCIS System SCM (pharma to pharmacies – to hospitals – to patients) à prevents counterfeiting!
    • Pharma/Hospital Warehouse Management
    • Temp Tracking, e.g. cold chain
    • Inventory Management, e.g. by means of RFID cabinets
    • Goods issue process
  • Blood bag management
  • Automated RFID-based cabinets
  • Hospital visitor management
  • Baby safety tracking
  • An integrated total dose solution (TDS), e.g. in cancer therapy

Let’s have a closer look at medication. Kathrein IoT healthcare solutions will provide:

  • A state-of-the-art medication delivery system which leads to
    • increased patient safety
    • improved patient outcome
    • improved workflow for nursing and pharmacy
    • pharmacists involved in patient care decisions
  • A data system that provides support to make
    • clinical decisions
      • increased patient safety
      • improved patient outcome
      • potential for disease management
      • a more detailed review of performance and goals
      • access to information not currently available
        financial decisions

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