Intelligent Transportation Systems

The highly increasing road traffic and transport requires intelligent and smart traffic solutions. Based on the latest IoT Technologies like RAIN RFID and LNPR Technology Kathrein can help to control traffic flow in urban areas, can generate Access into City center areas, or Packing buildings and Shopping malls. Based on our cost-effective passive RFID technology, the powerful and dynamic ITS network fulfils all future smart city requirements and saves infrastructure costs by using wireless connectivity integrated into the RFID Reader Devices.

Kathrein is focusing on the following core applications

▪ ETC: Electronic Toll Collect

▪ AVI: Parking Infrastructure

▪ ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems

▪ EVR: Electronic Vehicle Registration

RFID Turn Key Solutions in the ITS Infrastructure

According to the latest ISO 18000-63 passive RFID standard, Kathrein provides all neccessary key components like.

▪ RFID high-performance ©KRAI reader

▪ RFID wide-range antennas

▪ RFID security windshield and vehicle plate transponders

▪ RFID integration and device management software platform (© CrossTalk)

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