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Automotive and Manufacturing

An increasing variety of products is forcing manufacturing companies to manage the more and more complex production and logistic networks in their internal and external processes. Lean manufacturing techniques have become a necessary factor in saving cost and maintaining competitiveness. Therefore, automotive companies must eliminate wasteful buffer inventories and rely on new trends like just-in-time parts delivery systems.

The unprecedented competitive pressure has furthermore created the need for an intelligent cross-company material flow control in order to retain an efficient production as well as economical, inventory-optimised logistics.

The latest developments in AutoID technology and the possibility of exchanging data between all participants of a value chain (OEMs, suppliers and logistics service providers) open up new potential for controlling complex processes and to keep track of parts and assets as they move in real-time in the entire supply chain.

The major AutoID benefits of the manufacturing and automotive companies: an improved enterprise planning and control, faster and better-informed decision making and a more effective collaboration across the enterprise and supply chain.

Manufacturing and automotive AutoID use-cases:

  • Warehousing and Supply Chain Automation
  • Work-in-Process / Kanban / Replenishment / Re-work
  • Yard & Lot Management
  • Car Tracking in the OEM plant (Production & Logistics) or at Dealers
  • Container Management
  • RTLS and Object Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Content verification (logistics units and e.g. car prototypes / “Gläserner Prototyp”)

The automotive and manufacturing sector is one of Kathreins strongest industries with a huge installed base and references.

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