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Tracking load carriers using RFID

Digitised containers in intralogistics and production

Load carriers and containers transport C-parts, raw materials and semi-finished products for further processing. With an RFID-based container cycle, you ensure a smooth, error-free and automated material supply in production. Having real-time knowledge of where each part is in the production process is crucial for accurate supply at the respective production stage.

»Marrying« the load carrier and its contents

If the load carrier ID is digitally "married" to the ID of its contents, you can optimally control the material flow in production, automate replenishment and thus increase quality in manufacturing. Benefit from the following advantages when implementing a Kathrein solution for load carriers:

  • Real-time transparency of container inventory
  • Overview of the container status: "empty", "loaded", "defective", "in maintenance"
  • Plausibilized material flow control
  • Reducing buffer stocks (load carriers and goods)
  • No personnel required to search for containers
  • Track & Trace containers and their contents
  • Keeping delivery promises to customers

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