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Automated laundry management and textile management with Kathrein UHF RFID technology


Intelligent textile logistics for efficient laundry management


With Kathrein Solutions' advanced UHF RFID technology, we transform laundry management into a transparent, efficient and hygienically flawless process. Our systems not only maximizes process transparency, but also lead to clear cost structures in laundry management. In addition, employee satisfaction is improved through ease of use.

Areas of application

Whether in hospitals, workshops, construction companies, cruise ships or hotels - Kathrein RFID solutions optimize the management of workwear, protective equipment (PPE) and other textiles. With RFID-tagged textiles, the classic laundry management process becomes a transparent and efficient system that eliminates misallocations and enables cost savings.


Case Study Kemas - Textile Management

Intelligent RFID laundry management

Curious about how modern RFID technology is revolutionizing clothing logistics in the healthcare sector? Find out in our case study how real-time access and cost optimization go hand in hand. Download now and immerse yourself in the future of textile management.


Experiences of our customers and partners

"By working with Kathrein Solutions and integrating their SmartShelf antennas and RRU4500 RFID readers, we were able to develop smart workwear dispensing cabinets that provide real-time, permanent inventory. This has simplified the supply of workwear and significantly improved cost efficiency. Our collaboration is a prime example of innovation and value creation."

- Ness Falk, Kemas, Kathrein Solutions Partner

This hardware/software is perfectly suited for laundry management:


RRU 1400 Series

Optimum price-performance ratio

Kathrein Solutions Realtime Location System (RTLS) Software Crosstalk IoT Suite Internet of Things Software


Intelligent RFID flexibility

Kathrein Solutions RFID Reader ARU 3500 Ansicht

ARU 3500

Powerful for demanding applications

Our solutions not only help with compliance with hygiene regulations, but also with problems relating to lost laundry or the 'bunkering' of textiles by employees. We not only optimize the laundry cycle with our RFID solutions, but also ensure resource-saving operation.

UHF RFID technology offers seamless monitoring of textile stock from goods receipt to issue. The RFID gates and readers developed by Kathrein Solutions enable automatic identification and documentation of laundry without employees coming into direct contact with it. This minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and supports compliance with the highest hygiene standards. Kathrein Solutions offers a comprehensive textile management solution that supports both centralized and decentralized issue and return processes. Customized room and cabinet solutions, which function like a walk-in closet, significantly reduce employee movement times and enable 24/7 availability of textiles.

RFID hardware for harsh environments

Our ARU 3000 and RRU 4500 RFID readers are specially designed for demanding environments. They offer powerful and customizable data processing that enables a secure connection to backend applications and IoT devices.

Decentralized cabinet solutions

For areas such as hospital wards or departments, our locker solutions offer decentralized, efficient distribution of workwear directly at the point of use. This reduces walking times to central distribution points and enables a real-time overview of the laundry stock.

Central room solutions

Our room solutions are suitable for facilities with centralized laundry management. Employees identify themselves using an RFID medium and remove the required textiles from the room. This reduces maintenance requirements and costs and enables continuous operation without bottlenecks.

Smart Shelf Antennas

With the patented KRAI technology, up to 32 Smart Shelf antennas can be connected to one reader. The flat design enables easy integration and precise detection of textiles on shelves and in cupboard compartments.

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For a personal consultation and further information on our laundry management solutions, please contact us. Our experts from our partner network will be happy to support you in implementing a customized RFID solution for your company.

FAQ - Kathrein RFID Solutions

FAQ – Automated Laundry Management and Textile Administration with RFID Technology

RFID-tagged textiles are automatically recorded by RFID gates and readers, which eliminates misallocations, prevents losses, and enables precise inventory control and process optimization.

Kathrein's RFID technology is versatile and suitable for hospitals, workshops, construction companies, cruise ships, hotels, and anywhere textile logistics plays a role.

In healthcare, RFID provides germ-free textile management, cost optimization, and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination through contactless processes.

Decentralized cabinet solutions offer efficient distribution of workwear directly at the place of use, reduce travel times, and enable real-time overviews of laundry inventory.

Central room solutions are suitable for facilities with centralized laundry management. They allow easy access to textiles, reduce maintenance and costs, and avoid operational bottlenecks.

RFID technology automates the tracking of laundry and textiles, thus reducing manual counting and the associated risk of error. This leads to faster processing and more accurate inventory management.

Yes, RFID enables precise tracking of the usage frequency and washing cycles of each individual textile item, leading to optimal utilization and timely renewal of textiles.

Even smaller businesses can benefit from RFID as the technology is scalable and can be tailored to meet individual needs and budgets.

RFID enables contactless handling of laundry, thus providing a hygienic management that can prevent cross-contamination, especially important in areas such as healthcare.

Yes, modern RFID systems are typically compatible with existing laundry management software solutions and can be configured for seamless integration.

RFID systems use encrypted signals and can be equipped with additional security measures to ensure data protection and prevent unauthorized access.

Yes, RFID provides real-time tracking, which means inventories can be conducted quickly and accurately, and lost items can be more easily identified and traced back.

By optimizing the laundry cycle and reducing waste, RFID contributes to more environmentally friendly operations and can reduce a company's ecological footprint.

Operation of RFID systems is generally user-friendly. However, training is recommended to ensure that all employees can effectively use the new technology.

RFID tags are versatile and can be attached to nearly all types of textiles. There are special tags that are heat resistant and thus withstand the washing and drying process.

While RFID is beneficial in many textile management scenarios, there can be limitations with certain materials or in environments with strong interferences that need to be considered.

RFID technology is constantly evolving, with improvements in tag readability, integration into IoT systems, and enhanced data analytics to further optimize laundry management.

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