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03.07.2019 -

An RTLS is ready for all kinds of challenges!


The ability to precisely know where mobile objects are in real time increases the business process transparency and saves both costs and time.

Kathrein Solutions has developed an RTLS with high performance and numerous features for its partners and customers. In an interview with RFID im Blick, Martin Dobler and Patrick Hartmann from Kathrein Solutions explain how users benefit from the modular object information.

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Multiple RTLS Applications for Production and Logistics

  • Control, documentation and coordination of material flows and objects
  • Locating forklift trucks together with RFID-tagged goods
  • Vehicle tracking and precise determination of parking spaces
  • High-precision localisation of load carriers, tracking of goods and production control
  • Achieving smart production and process automation by means of precise localisation


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RTLS | Real-Time Location System (2019| en)
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