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RFID Simulation - Virtual Proof of Concept

In addition to the physical RFID proof of concept, Kathrein Solutions offers its partners and their end customers a virtual proof of concept using complex simulation software.

All project data determined during an initial workshop is entered into the advanced radio propagation modeling and simulation tool. Based on this virtual PoC, the partner or customer receives an initial project concept that is already very resilient.

Advantages of virtual PoC:

  • No influence on operational processes during the test scenario
  • Risk-free pre-evaluation
  • Quick insights for further project decisions
  • RFID performance measurements and optimizations outside strictly regulated environments
  • Measurements without large mechanical expenses such as test setups, etc....
  • Based on the results of the virtual PoC, the impact on internal processes can be greatly reduced by the PoC test scenarios, as correspondingly pre-tested test setups can be prepared.

UHF RFID technology is one of the most widely used data generation technologies in digitization. UHF RFID technology is also gaining more and more acceptance outside of logistics and production processes. The maximum benefit of UHF RFID technology as well as stable operation is always guaranteed when precise pre-evaluations have been carried out by means of an RFID proof of concept (feasibility study).

Please note, however, that a virtual PoC cannot replace the physical PoC to be carried out on site, as only on-site test series can incorporate all factors, including any factors that may not have been taken into account such as environmental influences, into the test results, which are decisive for the successful implementation of an RFID project.

Examples of RFID simulations

The effects of the antenna position in metallic environments can be evaluated and used accordingly to optimally supply detection areas with energy. This is illustrated by the example of a metal cabinet in which the reading range for antennas was investigated at various positions.

Poor antenna position, highly fragmented coverage area

Good antenna position, homogeneous coverage area

Simulation example visitor management

A UHF RFID system was integrated into a visitor management solution. Here, the reading area must be very well defined to avoid overreach. No transponders may be read in front of and behind the gate in order to exclude false positive readings.

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