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RTLS Simulation

By using the key technology UWB RTLS, a digital twin of any physical object can be supplemented with localization data. Thus, the digital twin has valuable information about the real-time position and acceleration of the real object, making it additionally available to many applications. From tracking assets and digitizing manufacturing to localizing medical devices, this technology not only optimizes factory processes, but is also used to improve human safety. 

To ensure optimal RTLS radio coverage, the Kathrein Solutions engineering team uses an advanced radio propagation modeling and simulation tool. Using this software tool, industrial layouts can virtually view both indoor and outdoor areas to calculate and visualize coverages of single and multiple RTLS nodes and optimize them accordingly as needed. This enables precise planning with optimized position and reduced number of RTLS nodes, as well as reliable connection to each RTLS transponder to be tracked. The result is a high-performance RTL system at reduced cost.

Based on the advanced simulation software, Kathrein Solutions is able to simulate RTLS installations with high accuracy - without much effort or disruption of business processes on the end customer side. As a result of the simulation, the Kathrein Solutions partner has all the data needed to prepare a reliable project calculation and a quotation.  

Fig.: Radio coverage of a single Node in the Kathrein Solutions Test Centre

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