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25.10.2015 -

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Scania Parts Logistics expands its use of RFID to ensure swift and reliable deliveries overseas

Reliably monitoring movement direction To monitor all transport containers that are transported back and forth between SPC 1 and SPC 2, and to know the exact direction in which parts are moving, Scania management decided to extend the existing RFID system to two loading docks in the SPC 2. Following the recommendations of the system integrator Mieloo & Alexander, the project team from Scania Parts Logistics chose to use a different technology from SPC 1. Since only two dock doors in SPC 2 will be equiped and no RTLS system is needed in this new building, they selected the Kathrein RFID reading systems to make sure that all tagged, reusable transport items (RTI) are reliably detected and their movement direction identified.

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Article (October 2015 | RFID im Blick | en)

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