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13.03.2023 -

Crosstalk Software Suite certified as "DeepHub Connected"


More standardization & interoperability

The Kathrein RFID and RTLS portfolio is now officially certified as "DeepHub ready" and thus turnkey for solution architectures based on the omlox standard.The omlox standard is an open standard for location technologies and hosted by the Profibus user organization, a global standardization organization in the field of industrial automation with more than 1,500 members. omlox enables standardized integration and interoperability between identification and location technologies |100% technology and vendor independent. This offers immense benefits for solutions while reducing risks and costs. The provision of location data, for example, of raw materials or assets such as load carriers, semi-finished parts or tools is one of the foundations of a digitized supply chain.  

Inhouse identification and localization 

The Kathrein Solutions CrossTalk Software Suite provides all the necessary functions for automatic RFID object identification as well as UWB RTLS object localization, and also ensures simple and reliable integration into the customer's leading systems such as ERP, WMS, MES, etc., by means of configurable standard interfaces. 

Cross-company identification and localization 

Crucial for a cross-company provision of identification and localization data for industry, logistics and transportation is an interoperable localization service, platform or intermediate layer, which provides all participants, the generated localization data of objects of a common supply chain.  


Due to the "DeepHub Connected" certification of the Kathrein Solutions CrossTalk Software Suite interface, Kathrein Solutions customers and partners are able to network their existing and future applications with other participants of the omlox community and to exchange identification and location data via the interoperable omlox interfaces or to use them for their systems in order to digitalize their material and production flows almost without limits.


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