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15.05.2023 -
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Webinar | June 29, 2023

Digitized replenishment processes in manufacturing through e-Kanban


Webinar on June 29, 2023 | 9:00 a.m.

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This webinar will focus on replenishment on the production line.

  • 09:00 What are the benefits of replenishment on the production line?
  • 09:15 What is actually Kanban and what are the use cases?
  • 09:25 Digitalized replenishment processes - E-Kanban live in our smart factory.
  • 09:50 Expert Talk on the customer project with Fritz Stiefel and our partner Kathrein Solutions
  • 10:05 Pick-by-Light, UWB & other technologies for automated replenishment
  • 10:10 Uhr How do I start an e-kanban project now?

The use of kanban cards for replenishment control quickly reaches its limits in complex production processes. The manual management and control of the material flow leads to a high effort, long waiting and process times as well as costly buffer stocks. But there is a solution: automating replenishment processes with an electronic Kanban system (e-Kanban).

In this free online event, we will take you into the digital factory and introduce you to various technologies and solutions that enable automated replenishment with E-Kanban. We will show you how to avoid the disadvantages of manual Kanban processes and how to optimize your replenishment processes.

A special highlight of our event is the presentation of our customer Fritz Stiefel and our partner KATHREIN Solutions, who have jointly developed an electronic Kanban shelf with RFID. We will show you the added value of using such a racking system for a company and how it can improve the material flow.

Join us and learn how you can make your replenishment processes more efficient and cost-effective. We look forward to your participation! 

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