05.04.2019 -

New | IoT Suite 3.3



CrossTalk has been released for the first time as an IoT suite, which means that the complete software platform will be available at the same time as the new version number.

The IoT suite components are:

  • CrossTalk AppCenter
  • CrossTalk Agent
  • AppCenter Applications
  • CrossTalk Services
  • CrossTalk Driver


The Most Important New Features:

  • Advanced support for Intelligent Transportation Systems offers new features for UCODE DNA transponders as well as new hardware integrations for Tattile and ARH camera systems.
  • New System Documentation application offers comprehensive information about CrossTalk devices and services directly in the AppCenter web interface. Complete system documentation is available at the push of a button.
  • CrossTalk Agent with completely new user interface, Apache Tomcat is used as an internal web server.
  • All necessary basic applications are automatically pre-installed in the AppCenter, which saves time and minimises installation errors.
  • New RFID Tools in the AppCenter – converting tag content according to TDS/ISO/VDA standards
  • 5 new CrossTalk Services and various improvements in 8 services
  • Kathrein Driver supports ARU 2400, improves the LED management in the CrossTalk and additional device information during operation


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