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09.07.2024 -

Gen2v3 - the new air interface protocol


The introduction of Gen2v3, the new air interface protocol, marks a turning point in RAIN RFID technology, with improvements that significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of RFID systems. This update addresses the challenges of the growing use of RFID in various industries and improves communication between tags and readers.

Key points of Gen2v3:

1. Reduction of tag interference: Gen2v3 minimizes the problem of unwanted tag captures by ensuring that only the tags relevant to each use case are read. This improvement increases data accuracy and inventory efficiency.

2. Optimization of capture rates: Through intelligent adjustments, Gen2v3 enables better discrimination of tags that are at the edge of the capture range, improving the overall capture rate. This leads to more accurate and reliable data collection.

3. Facilitating complex deployment scenarios: The new specification addresses the increasing complexity of RAIN RFID systems by simplifying data collection in multiple reader environments. This is particularly relevant in areas such as retail, logistics and manufacturing, where multiple applications often run simultaneously.

Gen2v3 was developed in collaboration with industry leaders and standardization organizations and has already been officially distributed via GS1. It is backwards compatible with the current Gen2v2 standard, enabling smooth integration into existing systems.

The innovations in Gen2v3 promise a future-proof platform for the further development of RAIN RFID applications, with the aim of further improving performance and user experience.

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