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09.12.2021 -

Kathrein Solutions And leogistics Create New Digitalization Opportunities In Material And Process Flow Control


Digital supply chain expert renews partnership with Auto-ID specialist as part of the myleo / dsc logistics platform.

Hamburg-based leogistics GmbH, one of the leading drivers of the supply chain management of the future, is renewing a previous partnership with Kathrein Solutions. Together, leogistics and Kathrein are creating a consulting portfolio for digitalization projects covering a range of technologies and industries to support companies with their entry into the digitized world – from blueprint to go-live. As strategic partners to their customers, the solution providers collect object-related real-time data on the basis of Auto-ID, RFID and RTLS (Real Time Locating Services) technology and use it to improve process stability and automation in a profitable way.

leogistics has a high level of expertise in optimizing logistics processes and offers companies a cloud solution for site logistics and supply chain management in the form of myleo / dsc, which can be implemented in short time. But the digital platform is able to reveal its full potential only in combination with fully automated collection of real-time and object data. In Kathrein, the software company has found a capable partner for this: they have a wide portfolio of technology to offer in the area of Auto-ID/RFID and RTLS which generates and checks information along the supply chain with no extra effort. Thanks to this cooperation, companies can connect their physical world, the factory site for example, with the world of IT – i.e. the data – and on that basis are able to make fast, sound, effective and future-oriented decisions.

“Kathrein and leogistics have the same aim, namely to make our customers’ processes faster, more efficient and more transparent. We rely increasingly on innovative technology to make myleo / dsc into a straightforward, future-proof logistics platform with high-quality networking. Partners play an import role in this,” says André Käber, CEO of leogistics GmbH.

For Kathrein Solutions, too, cooperation is the key to success. The combined specialist expertise in the areas of logistics process optimization and highly innovative technology creates a win-win situation for customers and suppliers alike.

“The greater the level of digitalization in a company, the more expertise and technology are required to reach the next stage. The resulting requirements often cannot be delivered by one provider alone today. Our partnership with leogistics gives us the potential to offer solutions that lead companies into the future and make them successful in the long term,” says Thomas Heijnen, Strategic Partner Manager at Kathrein Solutions GmbH.

Kathrein Solutions brings innovative Auto-ID technologies to myleo / dsc

The active and passive hardware components from Kathrein speak to the CrossTalk software, which was developed in-house and shares information in real time with myleo / dsc. CrossTalk is the link here: the RFID and RTLS information is made available by means of standard configurations via various interfaces. As a result, companies are able to implement a wide range of industrial automation and tracking scenarios. myleo / dsc processes the information and makes it possible to optimize and even automate processes such as time slot management, loading control, resource planning at the loading point, and much more.

For example: Depicting load carriers as digital twins is the key to solving a wide range of challenges in the area of material and production flow. The load carrier – equipped with technology from Kathrein – acts as a constant and feeds states such as “full”, “empty”, temperature, location and much more into myleo / dsc. Businesses thus gain valuable information not only about their containers, but also about their materials and goods.

leogistics and Kathrein Solutions have a long history of collaboration

leogistics and Kathrein Solutions have been working as partners for over ten years now. The lighthouse project was the creation of a template for an SAP-based warehouse management and SAP-based event management system using RFID technology for 80 warehouses in Saudi Arabia. The Auto-ID technology was provided by Kathrein back then, the SAP implementation by leogistics.


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