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28.09.2016 -

Venture further into the Global IOT


Highly sophisticated hardware and software is the key to value-adding future-proof IoT solutions. The Kathrein Group recognised that this is a successful model and already achieved this synergy two years ago. The reason is obvious: future-oriented companies always endeavour to implement smart complete solutions and to holistically realise processes. Kathrein now orientates its solution business totally towards its customers.

Today, the business field of Kathrein RFID is a part of the “Solutions Business Unit” and bears the name “Kathrein IoT Solutions”. Jürgen Walter, as Senior Vice President, is responsible for the “Solutions Business Unit”.  Thomas Brunner, as Head of Business Line, manages the “Kathrein IoT Solutions”. When interviewed by “RFID im Blick”, both managers describe the strategy that lies behind the reorientation and how IoT applications are driven globally, as well as how customers all around the world can benefit from this spirit of change.

IoT for industry, logistics, fashion, and much more
"High-performance cross-application platforms like 'CrossTalk 3.0' will assert themselves more and more in the IoT solutions field. Due to its modular design, complex features are easily configured. This broadens the application spectrum as the software can be used together with different identification hardware such as RFID or RTLS by specialised integrators of the Kathrein partner network,” Thomas Brunner explains and elaborates: “On the platform, applications for fashion retail as well as for container tracking in the oil and gas industry could be realised – the possibilities are almost limitless.”

Audi revolutionises value-added chain with IoT solutions by Kathrein
Beginning with a first installation at the Hungarian factory in Györ, car manufacturer Audi integrated a cross-process RFID application for the tracking and tracing of finalised vehicles. The vehicles are identified by an UHF transponder that is integrated into the bumper. noFilis was involved with the integration. Currently, the application is in operation at four Audi factories and at twelve supplier factories. “By now, more than 1,800 RFID reader points with Kathrein hardware are installed worldwide. An annual 1.8 million vehicles are tracked and traced via RFID. The benefits that come from RFID use begin with the labelling of the bumper at the suppliers and might end at the local retailers that could offer consumers added value. Even though the latter still remains a vision, the application already demonstrates that increases in performance are realisable with tailored IoT solutions,” Thomas Brunner explains.


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