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18.09.2019 -

Kathrein Solutions is a member of the OPC Foundation


IoT Ready with OPC UA!

Kathrein Solutions GmbH is a new member of the OPC UA Foundation. The OPC Foundation, based in Arizona/USA, is a global organisation responsible for the development and maintenance of a secure, reliable and platform-independent communication standard in automation.

This is a further essential step to support manufacturer- and platform-independent standards for solutions in the IoT and Industry 4.0 environment.

As a member of the OPC Foundation, Kathrein Solutions has access to the specifications, tests and certifications to ensure the compatibility of the developed technologies.

In this area, Kathrein Solutions will be able to offer its customers advanced functionalities in the future and, therefore, will be able to provide early applications for future key technologies.

Kathrein Solutions sees OPC UA as an important standard in the IoT data communication.

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