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05.05.2022 -

LIVE Workout Webinar | 19. May 2022

Fit at the customer with the RRU 1400 Test and Demo Kit


Dear Kathrein-Partner, 

our LIVE Workout Webinar focuses exclusively on your fitness! 

But don’t worry, you won’t be building up much of a sweat. Our Fitness Package is designed to make you fitter when it comes to using the Kathrein RRU 1400 RFID reader quickly, easily and cost-effectively and overcome any challenge for your customer, no matter how demanding.

Your fitness coaches for this workout will be:  

Speaker: Thomas Heijnen, Head of Marketing & Partner Program

Speaker: Michael Kaiser, Director Product Management & Innovation

In just under 30 minutes, these two will present to you our little package of power, the RRU 1400 reader, in a relaxed LIVE discussion and show you everything you can do with it. 

You will discover with the RRU 1400 test and demo kit how to get yourself fit for: 

  • eKanban (SmartShelf) applications 
  • RFID gate applications
  • Loading control 
  • Access control
  • Material and production flow 
  • Digitization projects in logistics, production, supply chains


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At the end of our entertaining training unit, you will not be suffering from any aches and pains in your muscles but you will hopefully want to get to know the extensive test and demo kit in more detail and try it out at your leisure.   

This WORKOUT Webinar is of interest to:  

  • Integrators
  • Auto ID system companies
  • Consultants and system companies 
  • Plant and machine manufacturers
  • Companies in general that want to digitize their material and production flow.


What you will learn from this webinar: 

  • Areas of use for the Kathrein RRU 1400 reader
  • Sample applications 
  • The combination of power and features of the Kathrein RRU 1400 RFID reader


No time for our virtual workout? Too bad. But don't worry. You will find a recording on our website following the webinar.

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