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28.02.2024 -
Cooperation with new partner

New cooperation with distributor QUAD expands KATHREIN Solutions' partner network


The cooperation with QUAD GmbH represents a significant step for KATHREIN Solutions. This partnership opens up new opportunities to develop fields of application and markets in the area of RFID technology and strengthens supply capacities in the DACH region. As a result, our customers can be supplied with high-quality RFID solutions even faster and more efficiently. Our customers will benefit sustainably from the improved delivery capability, expanded expertise and regional proximity of our partners.

QUAD GmbH is known for its comprehensive consulting and project support in various sectors, including retail, the food industry, gastronomy as well as industrial and OEM applications. Its portfolio includes built-in scanners as well as RFID and AutoID solutions for access control, ticket machines, sorting and packing machines and production systems. 

The collaboration with KATHREIN Solutions expands the QUAD portfolio to include RFID and RTLS hardware for identification and localization solutions. This offers opportunities for new fields of application. In view of global digitalization and the increasing demand for precise and effective data capture technologies, the collaboration between KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD GmbH is a step in the right direction.

With RFID technology, objects and people can be automatically identified without direct visual contact. This enables the automation of processes in various industries, from production and logistics to retail. The effective generation and analysis of large amounts of data with RFID facilitates the monitoring and optimization of material and production flows, and leads to an increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Companies facing the challenge of digitizing their logistics and production and optimizing their internal processes can now benefit from the expertise and comprehensive range of technologies offered by KATHREIN Solutions and QUAD. This cooperation promises innovative and forward-looking process concepts that will enable companies to successfully master the challenges of the modern economy, secure their markets and customers and position themselves sustainably for the future.

Special thanks go to Andrew Wey, Managing Director of QUAD GmbH, who is represented at the QUAD stand at EuroCIS together with our KATHREIN colleague Thomas Heijnen. Our advanced RFID solutions for supply chain management and eKanban will be presented there. A visit that is well worthwhile!

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