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07.07.2021 -

New Firmware V3.09 Available

New Key Features


Besides stability improvements, Access to TAG populations, selection of frequencies used in the respective regions and the Linux kernel have been improved with:

  • Support of Dual Target A/B to optimise read access in TAG populations
  • Selection of the country profile during initial installation for better setting of the authorised frequencies
  • Extension of Linux kernel to optimise the login for mobile communication networks
  • Protocol Control Word is now presented in ReaderStartSW direct for an enhanced visibility
  • For selecting the right antenna with the Expert settings, the available units are grouped in a clear antenna list


Download the latest version for each unit using the following links:

Test and configuration software ReaderStart
For all Kathrein Solutions readers | Version: V3.09.00.6156         

Gen3 Firmware
For RRU4xxx, ARU3xxx, ARU2xxx, ARU8xxx readers | Version: V3.09.00.1907

Gen3 Linux update
For RRUx5xx and ARUx5xx readers  | Version: V3.09.02.225

Kathrein Reader Firmware Version History | Version: V3.09.00

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